We invite you to tour our before and after photographic pages and observe for yourself the superior results that Dr. Tavoussi has achieved for his patients in every aspects of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. These are only a few samples of Dr. Tavoussi’s masterpieces and more photographs are available for your viewing in our offices.

We welcome your questions and you can speak to our patients who have volunteered to tell you about their individual experiences before and after surgery. Our offices are in Huntington Beach and Beverly Hills. All surgeries are performed in Pacifica Outpatient Surgery Center, a state-of-art, fully accredited outpatient surgery center in a safe and secure environment.

We have board-certified anesthesiology staff who have had years of experience in outpatient anesthesia as well as local hospital privileges. Our nursing personnel are ACLS certified and have many years of experience working in operating and recovery rooms at the local hospitals.

Safety of our patients are our primary concern and will not compromise this for any reason.

We have maintained a Center of Excellence. All preoperative work ups are done according to the requirements of American Society of Anesthesiology and the prevailing standards of the community.

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