Plastic surgery is very popular today as it helps many people get aspects of their bodies enhanced so that they feel younger, more attractive, or simply more normal. While some people consider plastic surgery simply an act of vanity, more often than not people get plastic surgery done on their face, arms, stomachs, and beyond because they believe themselves to be inferior. The advanced technology and expertise found in this field has made way for people to get various kinds of plastic surgery easier, with little or no scarring, and with a quick procedure and healing process. One of the popular kinds of plastic surgery used today is the arm lift, and for the purposes of this article, we will be discussing all you need to know about what an arm lift is, what considerations should be made, and also who might be the best candidates for arm lifts.

First, if you are considering getting an arm lift, or Brachioplasty, from a plastic surgeon; you are probably wondering just what one is and how it is done to determine if it might be right for you. An arm lift or arm tuck is a procedure done to remove loose skin from around the arm area and is different from arm liposuction; as it removes only excess skin-not excess fat. The process involves cutting off the loose skin, stretching the remaining skin, and stitching the skin back together to offer a result that is smoother, more toned, and tighter. Often, those who have arm lifts done will have the procedure done within two hours, and after careful analysis of healing and work done, the patient is often allowed to return home the same day.

So, who is the best candidate for arm lift surgery? If you are thinking about an arm lift surgery for yourself, there are better candidates than others; and if you are looking for a removal of excess fat, then you most certainly do not want an arm lift. If, on the other hand, you have any of the following circumstances or reasons, you are a great candidate for the procedure:

  • Those with excess skin around their arms.
  • Those who have lost a lot of weight either naturally or from Bariatric surgery, but have remained with loose skin to remove.
  • Those who have excess fat-should have fat removed and then an arm lift.
  • Those without medical conditions.
  • Those who have developed loose arm skin due to tanning and/or aging.
  • Those who have no history of sweat gland infections.
  • Those who have not had radical or multiple mastectomy operations that cause permanent swelling in the arm area.
Perhaps, you are a great match for an arm lift, after having reviewed these considerations; but before you start interviewing plastic surgeons convinced that it is the perfect procedure for your needs; you should know that two things are integral in getting an arm lift that is successful.

First, you need to make sure that you use a doctor that is well accredited and has the recommendations that show he/she is well qualified to operate. Make sure that they have given you a number of references, are board certified, and also have a specialty in arm life surgery. This kind of contouring surgery must always be done by someone who specializes in it as scarring is very easily affected, and the last thing you want is big ugly scars.

Second, be aware that no matter how great your plastic surgeon is for your arm lift surgery, you will likely have some minimal traces of the procedure in the form of a scar. Trained and expert plastic surgeons will typically minimize the scar lines from the side of the arm, but if the procedure was extensive, the scars could easily extend from the armpit to the elbow.

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