Enlargement of the buttocks or buttock enhancement is a plastic surgery procedure that is getting more and more popular these days and performed in the past several years than ever before. Ten years ago, this was a procedure that was unheard of and rarely done! Due to cultural influences and a changing population mix, the shape and size of the buttocks has become an aesthetic issue of importance.

Buttock enhancement surgery is often a practical option for patients who hope to reshape their physique to create a more aesthetically balanced and youthful appearance. This procedure roughly consists on a Liposuction that removes fat from at least two areas of your body, combined with fat injecting in the buttocks. There are two ways to enlarge your buttocks:

1. Brazilian Butt Lift: this technique uses your own fat from the abdomen or thighs using Liposuction.

2. Butt Implants: this technique uses a silicone buttock implant (different shapes, sizes and textures) to create a rounder and fuller shape. When it comes to increasing buttock size, it is a choice between natural fat injections or the use of synthetic implant. They both work and are capable of adding volume to the buttocks. The Buttock Fat Injections can be placed wherever it is needed, even smaller areas. This is an advantage because the Buttock Implant can only be placed in the upper part of the buttocks. But normally, common areas for liposuction are around the back –and for the buttocks, are the stomach and thighs. After swelling and fluid retention improvement, buttocks will show an increased volume and look rounder.

Usually patient’s self-esteem will increase. Benefits of buttock enlargement by fat injection may include:

  • More natural appearance, as the newly sculpted
  • Smaller incision area, less scarring.
  • Shorter healing time.
  • No chance of rejection.
  • Procedure includes additional body sculpting due to liposuction from areas with excessive fat stores.
  • Benefits of buttock enlargement by implant include:
  • Allows for buttock enlargement in patients with no fat injection.
  • No risk of significant fat re-absorption, a possible side effect in a minority of fat injection enlargement.

“Q&A” Buttock enlargement by fat injection is generally lower risk and results in more steadily natural looking results, but, on the other hand, it is not really an option in patients who do not have adequate fat sums elsewhere on their bodies to be injected into the buttocks. Patients considering buttock enlargement surgery should consult with their surgeon both available procedures to find out which method will give the best result for their body and buttock shape.

How long do the fat injections last?

If the donor fat is properly processed, fat cells will survive. Once the procedure is over these fat cells remain for the patient’s lifetime. At about a month after surgery, the improvement you see will be long term.

Is the procedure safe?

The Brazilian butt lift is a safe procedure. It is no more risky than liposuction, which is the most common plastic surgical procedure.

When can I go back to work after the buttock enlargement procedure?

Following the butt augmentation procedure, you must not sit directly on your buttocks for two weeks. Most people can return to work in 2 weeks, provided you do only a minimum amount of sitting.

Anesthesia for Buttock Fat Injections

For a Buttock Fat Injection, it can be chosen between epidural and general anesthesia. In case of general Anesthesia, you will sleep through the entire operation. If the option is epidural anesthesia, anesthetic medication will be injected in your epidural space, and the spinal nerves will be numbed. The best anesthesia method depends on your individual case and what your doctor is recommending.

You  should keep in mind: Just like any surgery procedure, there are some risks. It is important to ask Dr. Tavoussi everything you would like to know and share with him all your feelings and fears.

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