Beauty is no longer considered being a destined fact of life. It can be altered, enhanced, improved upon by the advancements in surgical technology. A perfect body has become a necessity. Having a bony, flat, or a deformed butt is no longer an exception. After all buttocks are one of the main attractions in bed a person can offer. The surgical procedure, to an extent is hassle free and is classified into two main types of buttock augmentation or implantation. Giving the confidence a woman needs to sport that sexy bikini, or to flaunt their perfect formfitting new dress.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is an amalgamation of liposuction and the injection of fat into the buttocks, to give them a more firm shape while also reducing fat from an undesired area on the body. This procedure has a minimized risk of infection since  the fat to be transferred to a person’s body is already taken from him and is clinically treated before being reinserted. The number of injections required to give a certain shape to the buttocks varies from person to person.


Unlike breast implants, buttock implants are designed to display a stronger formation and, therefore, are made from a harder hydrocarbon, a polymer by the name of elastomer which is a leak proof material. The implants are placed on top of the buttock muscle as they are expected to support the weight of the entire body in a sitting position, to insert these implants an incision is made in the surrounding of the fascia muscle tissue. These implants also vary in shape and size according to a person’s dimensions and apparel requirements.

10 Advantages that Buttock Implants provide

1. Invokes a sense of confidence in the recipient of the implant.

2. Allows a person to choose from a wider range of garments to suit their perfect curvaceous form.

3. Dramatically increase your sex appeal.

4. Convenient and fast procedure for those who can’t afford the time to exercise.

5. Compared to the cost of exercise equipment and gym memberships this is only done one time and cost ranges from $6000 to $10000 depending on where you are getting the surgery from.

6. The procedure is perfected to provide a specific shape and size.

7. The firmness of the implants is known to improve your skin texture.

8. Augmented butts obtain a much more aesthetic physique proportion to the rest of the body.

9. Best solution for men and women facing the deficiency of fat in the buttock area.

10.Greatly improves your attraction quotient.

Health Risks and Disadvantages of Butt Augmentation

Beauty has a price, therefore, the disadvantages of butt augmentation can’t be ignored as the process of recovery requires the person implanted to keep the weight on the implants to a minimum and the inability to sit on your back for long periods of time is also a consequence. Augmentation being a surgical procedure, carries the risk of any minor surgery such as internal bleeding, wrong incision site are a few. It is advised to take into consideration, all the possible risks of the procedure.

It is crucial for people to live confidently with their body and maintain a perfect shape to acquire all the pleasures life has to offer. Advancements in medical technology have enabled us to gain that natural confidence from the use of unnatural methods, to make use of them or not totally depend on an individual’s demands and self standards.

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