There is an altogether rare and sexy word for well developed and well proportioned buttocks: callipygous. A different and an equally desirable trend apart from desiring to look like a skinny model is desiring ample bodies and well-toned buttocks. For more ladies, this is a more attractive beauty enhancement. Buttock augmentation does make for a woman to attain a full and healthy look to complement the whole body.

There are two main kinds of surgeries for buttock augmentation. One requires fat injection and the other uses implants. Augmentation can vary from fat redistribution to buttock uplift. The general result is that of a remodeling which puts the woman in a new attractive physical shape. Certain pop stars and other popular TV personalities increasingly show how full and firm buttocks can greatly complement a woman’s shape. Buttock augmentation brings out the curves and can immensely increase the desirability of any woman. It’s no wonder then that it has become even more popular.

A self-confident woman makes an attractive woman. Women who carry themselves gracefully, who are self-assured in their own beauties and bodies are much more likely to appeal to everyone they meet. More than anything, this assurance and confidence in one’s own physical body can come a long way in determining happiness and success in one’s relationship with others. In more ways than one, your look and comfortability with your appearance will reflect on every aspect of your life.

How can buttock augmentation improve a woman’s desirability? There are rumors of an evolutionary subconscious prerogative towards reproduction among men leading them to prefer women who are well proportioned, believing them to be the pinnacle of womanhood. In simple words, a full and well developed woman is sexy, and a callipygian body is one of the primary indicators of this.

In addition, buttock augmentations, whether lift or fill, give women not only well sculpted buttocks but also an enhanced S shape of the spine and upper body. Ask makers of high heels: this is a desirable shape for women. It gives an impression of sprightliness, liveliness and playfulness, all images appealing to men.

However, beyond making you a sex symbol, “there is really no substitute for the sunny feeling of having a near-perfect body.” This is why buttock augmentation is becoming increasingly popular with men too and not only metrosexual men. Surely, male buttocks augmentation does not entail nor result in the big, curvy buttocks desired by women but just shapely, firm buttocks.

Apart from surgery, there are non-invasive methods of getting buttocks augmentation. Especially popular are fat train workouts and cardio exercises. For those who are already partaking in other exercise regimens or those who are for some reasons disinclined towards cosmetic surgeries, these are ways to achieve shapely buttocks without expensive surgical procedures. Squats, presses, lunges, pilates, aerobics even kickboxing can firm up your muscles including those of your buttocks. You should not, however, expect the same dramatic changes you can find with buttock augmentation surgeries.

Fortunately, the social squeamishness towards cosmetic surgeries is all but gone. More and more women can confidently seek out and tell others about their buttock augmentations. Body contouring surgeries are nothing new at all. However, only recently has buttocks augmentation become just as appealing as breast augmentation. Today, more women have both procedures one after the other. The changes seen can be remarkable and, often, a distinct improvement in self-worth is reported. It is easy to chalk this up to vanity but it really is not. The effect of age, stress and environment on the body varies from one person to another. What is invariable is the low perception of sagging flesh. By and by, the choice remains with each person, but it is undeniable that everyone feels lots better when in excellent physical state.

Concerning safety, buttock augmentation is just as safe as other cosmetic surgeries. Regular check-ups during the first few weeks after the procedure are done to make sure everything is perfect.  In addition, the cost of buttock augmentation keeps coming down although you should expect considerable differences depending on your location and the doctor’s expertise.

In a way,  the popularity of buttock augmentation is an example of the democratization of value. No longer should beauty and desirability seem unattainable. In defense of buttock augmentation, and indeed all kinds of cosmetic surgeries, it helps return our bodies back to their normal states. If maintaining your youthfulness will give you a positive outlook in life and a boost in productivity, then isn’t that the way to go?

So, bring back all the old curves and give yourself a beauty treat. Everybody loves a perfect body. EVERYBODY WANTS A PERFECT BODY. You should never again have to wish for rounder, firmer or fuller buttocks when you can undertake buttock augmentation. You won’t get a miracle with buttock augmentation, but you will get the next best thing: a new lease of self-confidence and with such a sunny disposition, how can you not once more fully embrace life?

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