In the early 2000s, the cosmetic surgery industry hit its peak. At the time, for instance, more than 400,000 rhinoplasty procedures were being performed each year. Now, plastic surgeons across the country perform about 279,000 rhinoplasty procedures. There are many reasons to attribute to this, but Dr. Mohsen Tavoussi wants Newport Beach patients to know that all surgeons are exploring the new beauty ideals and how they can improve the cosmetic surgery experience for each Orange County patient.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures Right Now?

Patients today want to improve their appearance in dramatic ways but at the same time they want those improvements to be natural-looking. Some of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures are facial plastic surgery procedures, such as the facelift and the rhinoplasty. In addition, the breast augmentation is a procedure that is requested often by patients. All of these cosmetic surgery procedures have the ability to not only improve the patient’s appearance but also provide them with a much-needed boost of self confidence.

What is Dr. Tavoussi’s Goal When Performing Facial Plastic Surgery?

For Dr. Tavoussi, his priority is and always will be the patient. He wants to provide each patient with the exact results that they want, recognizing that each person is different and has different goals. In addition, he analyzes the patients current facial features and attempts to provide them with the most natural-looking results possible. He wants every person to feel safe, comfortable and secure when they enter the operating room. He is known for being one of the most trustworthy cosmetic surgeons in the area and has long held a reputation of having a high rate of patient satisfaction.

Am I a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

The best candidates for cosmetic surgery are in good physical and stable emotional health. It’s important to have a realistic expectation of your surgery results, and you need to be opting to have these procedures performed for the right reasons. Talk with Dr. Tavoussi about the individual procedure you are interested in, and find out if you are a good candidate today.

Huntington Beach residents who are interested in cosmetic surgery should understand the importance of working with an expert facial plastic surgeon for their personal procedure. This ensures that they get customized results that are tailored to their needs, ensuring that all results are natural-looking and subtle. Whether you are hoping to look younger by way of a facelift procedure, or you want to improve your facial harmony with a rhinoplasty, you will want to work with a qualified board certified surgeon such as Dr. Tavoussi. To find out more information about your cosmetic surgery options, set up a free cosmetic consultation appointment today.

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