You’ve probably said it before. You feel like your nose is too big, or your cheeks are too hollow. You feel like your chin is too prominent, or maybe it’s not prominent enough. You don’t like your facial profile, and you feel like your lines and wrinkles are giving away your stress and age. Dr. Mohsen Tavoussi understands why facial plastic surgery procedures are some of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in Orange County. People need to feel confident in their appearance and in their face in order to lead successful, happy lives. It was only a matter of time before researchers determined what the dimensions of the perfect face are.

What Facial Features Are Considered to be Desirable?

In female patients, certain facial features are considered more desirable than others. For instance, most women are looking to have a dainty, delicate nose while also having smooth, fresh skin. The chin should create a strong profile, but should not stand out as a main feature on the face. A person’s cheeks should be lush and slightly plump to create the appearance of youth and beauty, and her lips should be full, as well.

What are the Dimensions of the Perfect Face?

Researchers at the University of Toronto took to science in order to determine the perfect dimensions of the female face. According to the results of the study, which was led by Professor Kang Lee, 36 percent of the face length should consist of the distance between the eyes and mouth. From ear to ear, 46 percent of the facial width should exist.

How was the Study Performed?

Professor Kang Lee worked with his students in order to gather the results of the study. During the research stage, students were given photographs of women and were asked to rate their attractiveness based on their face. Those same photographs were altered with different facial dimensions, but the eyes and nose features remained the same. Throughout the process, students and the research team determined what the ideal dimensions are on a woman’s face.

Huntington Beach patients might find that the dimensions of the supposed perfect face are not necessarily the perfect dimensions for them. Dr. Tavoussi prides himself on the fact that he creates a custom plan, and operation design for each Seal Beach patient, ensuring that they get the results they both need and want. He believes that natural-looking results are superior, and allow patients to truly feel confident in their appearance. To find out more information about the cosmetic surgery procedures available to you and the importance of working with a qualified facial plastic surgeon, set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Tavoussi today.

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