When it comes to plastic surgery, there are a number of things to think about, and many considerations to take into account. It is, after all, surgery, and one must consider cost, need, pain, and healing time to, really, determine if it is the right procedure for them. This said if you have ever thought about having a tummy tuck, a facelift, or a little shaved off here or there to make you feel confident about yourself-about an area that has always  made you feel inferior; there may be even more to consider. For example, in the case of an ethnic rhinoplasty; there is so much more to consider than just the standard considerations.

Below, we discuss in earnest, the topic of ethnic rhinoplasty to aid in determining if this is the right choice for you. First, in considering if an ethnic rhinoplasty is right for you, you need to know the special variables in ethnic rhinoplasty that set it apart from a standard rhinoplasty for a Caucasian. Here are the most compelling that you may not yet have considered:

Surgery is More Complex
The first consideration to make is that, unfortunately, in most cases, surgery on a non-caucasian nose is much more complicated. First, a patient needs to determine if they would like to retain the nasal structure of their heritage, or remove all traces of their ethnic origin in the nose and have what is considered a more Caucasian nose.

Ethnicities Vary
Secondly, one must realize that what might be perfect for one ethnicity patient will be different from another ethnicity patient. Frequently, African American noses will have narrowed nostril base procedures along with enhancing of the nasal bridge. On the other hand, those of Asian or Hispanic descent often will receive a reduction of the nose structure.

Need a Specialist
Due to the fact that ethnic rhinoplasties are typically more complicated and require certain specialized surgeries to remove and add tissue and bone as necessary, not all plastic surgeons will be well trained or specialized in ethnic rhinoplasty.

Other Considerations

So these are the main considerations that may hold you back from getting an ethnic rhinoplasty, or at least give you pause if you have not researched them yet. Here are some other interesting tidbits to consider as well in determining if an ethnic rhinoplasty is right for; and if so, how to find the right plastic surgeon:

  • Often the nose on an ethnic person will be supplanted to other areas of the face, when surgery is done.
  • Those undergoing rhinoplasty are urged to stop smoking as it holds up the healing process.
  • For up to 72 hours after ethnic rhinoplasty surgery, the nose is packed to help with healing.
  • The science of ethnic rhinoplasty is often seamless and without a scar, despite the complicated process.
  • It will often take longer for the swelling to go down on a person of ethnic origin because the skin is typically a lot thicker.
  • As is true of all rhinoplasty, you should pick a plastic surgeon that offers included computer imaging services so that you can see beforehand approximately how your face will look.
Obviously, no matter how interested or curious you may be about getting an ethnic rhinoplasty; there are several psychological, emotional, and physical considerations to make; as often, you are not just changing a feature on your face, but altering an ethnic trademark. Depending on how closely tied to your heritage and how much bearing you believe appearance has on that tradition and devotion will help you best determine if it is, in fact, the best option for your face.

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