Widely known as Nose Job or Nose Reshaping, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that people are getting done nowadays. However, this surgery is not meant just for beauty enhancement purposes but is also used for reconstructing purposes in case there are defects by birth or other issues such as breathing problems and deconstruction due to accidents etc. Since the usage of rhinoplasty Orange County has been popularized more in terms of beauty and feature enhancements, most people only recognize its cosmetic use.

Many people are yet unaware of the many other ways in which this surgery can be utilized. This surgery is performed by three types of surgeon namely plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists and maxillofacial surgeons. Otolaryngologists are those surgeons who deal with the human head and neck, but their job is somehow closely related to rhinoplasty as this surgery can be combined with others such as chin augmentation in order to enhance the appearance of the face.

Rhinoplasty surgeons might be found all around the globe, but some of the best ones are known to be working in American clinics. This has made rhinoplasty Orange County extremely famous amongst beauty conscious people as well as those who really need to get it done for some unfortunate reason.

They all are working either in different hospitals or running their private practices in the state of California. Of course, a state where Hollywood and the fashionable city of Los Angeles are located, rhinoplasty has to be popular there. With popularity, the demand for this surgery led to most doctors working in this field to settle in California. Also, the way rhinoplasty has been put to use in California, most researches have been conducted there in regards to it and related issues. Hence, it is one of those surgeries that are most advanced and demanded in the American state of California. In order to get better noses, the fashion, style and beauty conscious classes, as well as Hollywood celebrities, would often need rhinoplasty surgeons, and they have them all.

The history of rhinoplasty dates back to around 500BC when then the ancient Indian physician, Sushruta, first began to repair noses that were deconstructed during punishments for crimes. However, this version of rhinoplasty did not resemble the modern day rhinoplasty Orange County. That was rather a more traditional way of surgery and more based on the Indian Ayurvedic science as opposed to today’s modern and technology based medical science. Other reports of rhinoplasty in the ancient world have been reported through medical journals such as the ones written by the Italian Gaspare Tagliacozzi of University of Bologna in the year 1597.

This paper tells stories of operations where faces have been repaired although with techniques, tools and technology way less advanced and different from today’s. As per the written papers and documentation, this surgery has been seen to reach America somewhere in 1700s. Until 1970, the rhinoplasty technology had developed only a little as in spite of having evolved greatly, it relied on the same old basic principles and worked on the same lines. However, in 1973, the genius of the American Dr. Wilfred S. Goodman brought a revolution in the world of nose jobs changing the old ‘closed rhinoplasty’ to ‘open rhinoplasty’. Introduction of this mythology was probably the first step towards the mass development and advancement of this surgery.

It might be awful to actually know how rhinoplasty Orange County is performed. A surgery that can change a person’s look quite positively and within a matter of a few hours can be so horrible that people with weak hearts might never want to get it done. This horrible state is only limited till the surgery is complete and does not affect the person or his nose in any negative manner. Of course, operations, cutting of human skin and flesh and all that goes with it do sound scary but, in fact, it is nothing to worry about. Rhinoplasty is safe if gotten done through a good and known doctor. It is also flexible enough to be done with both general, as well as local anesthesia. In closed rhinoplasty, cuts are made inside the nostrils whereas, in an open version of this surgery, cuts are made above along with incisions on columella. It is the part that separates the two nostrils. Once cut, the nose is set in the right place, and settings go up till the forehead. After being placed rightly, the cuts are sealed and the nose tapped. When the tape opens, a new and better nose is found.

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